Bergman Gallery Launch

Memories Gifted by the Gods (Autumn), oil on canvas, 2015. 1800x1900mm.
Memories Gifted by the Gods (Autumn), oil on canvas.

Bergman Gallery Launch
April 4, 6pm
Beachcomber Building, Taputapuatea

A new exhibition of paintings by Mahiriki Tangaroa opens the new Bergman Gallery, Monday 4th April, 2016.

Tangaroa’s exhibition of 5 canvases presents an authoritative narrative, surveying her surroundings in four dimensions. From the genesis of spring, the fierce colours of summer, the decline of autumn and the approach of winter, Tangaroa’s large scale works draw the viewer into the realms of the gods ever present in a modern culture. Tangaroa’s ancestral/God figures are in sharp focus, blended perfectly with their surroundings. They are omnipresent throughout all works, her familiar commentary reinforced by the recent celebration of the nation’s 50th anniversary.

Bergman Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.It is a site specific project space for engaging global contemporary art presentations with a focus on Cook Islands, Pacific and New Zealand artists. Bergman Gallery will also exhibit at various international art fairs beginning with the Auckland Art Fair, May 25-29, 2016 at the Cloud, Auckland Viaduct.

Bergman Gallery will operate on a two yearly cycle of exhibitions. Domestic exhibitions will run seven weeks with the view to more exposure for selected artists and establishing the shows as tourist attractions. As an evolution of the BCA artist in residence programme, international artists who are invited to show with Bergman Gallery will be present at show openings to introduce their exhibitions.

Bergman Gallery principal exhibition space is at Beachcomber courtyard, Rarotonga.

About the author: Ben Bergman