Andy Leleisi’uao
A Diasporic Pulse of Faith & Patience
November 4 – Feb 15 2020

Opening Monday 4th November, 6pm with CITC Liquor. All Welcome.

Francis McWhannell, Curator, Fletcher Trust Collection.
Ben Bergman, Gallery Director.

New York City. Half a world away from the home of Andy Leleisi’uao in the suburban streets of South Auckland.

The winner of the 26th Annual Wallace Arts Trust Paramount Award in 2017, Leleisi’uao completed a 5 month residency at the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in NYC in 2018. Here he worked on the large scale series ‘A Diasporic Pulse of Faith & Patience’, selected pieces of which were shown at the Auckland Art Fair this year.

“Andy is regarded very highly by ISCP – they had a tremendous amount of praise for his work,” says Sir James Wallace, founder of the Wallace Arts Trust.

Leleisi’uao says while in NYC he lived in a neighbourhood that was on the poverty line, and so experienced the many faces of the city. “What we see – the conscious and the subconscious will come out when you are working,” says Leleisi’uao. “It waits until you’re ready – until you’ve worked at it. And you never know where it’s going to take you.”

Now the full series of 12 panels that are ‘A Diasporic Pulse of Faith & Patience’ will be shown for the first time at Bergman Gallery, opening November 4th. R.Smith.

Photos: Max White & Bergman Gallery.