Andy Leleisi’uao with BCA Gallery
UFOlogical City
March 3 – 6, 2011
7W 34th St

Following on from multiple NYC shows (Kips Gallery, Chelsea and the group show MANUIA, American Indian Community House) and two major residencies (Taipei Village/McCahon) over the past year, Leleisi’uao’s new work will reflect a brand new ‘creaturescape’ of his trademark UFOlogical society, past and recent iconography fusing a powerful & innovative narrative. Andy’s work speaks on a universal level. His concerns with familiar sociological issues (unlimited consumerism, environmental irresponsibility and social inequity) seemingly plucked right out of today’s headlines. However, rather than lament the obvious, Leleisi’uao’s creatures prove oddly alluring and a subliminal sense of optimism permeates the work.

UFOlogical City is a site specific series of work.