Nanette Lela’ulu

‘Painting has always been my place of solitude and peace.

It was after my Grandmother Iliganoa Lela’ulu passed away in the late 1980’s that I truly began to explore the emotional places painting took me, looking deeper into the feelings behind the layers of paint.

I have been exhibiting solo since 1996 and participating in group shows since 1990 in New Zealand, Europe, New Caledonia and Rarotonga. I’ve always had a fascination with painting people, but have recently begun to paint miniature landscapes of Rarotonga. I enjoy the intimacy of the smaller size.

In 2006, I was awarded the Creative New Zealand | Cook Islands Ministry of Culture Artist in Residence in Rarotonga. I also received my Masters of Arts in Therapy, with First Class Honours. In 2012, I received first class honours for my Clinical Masters of Arts in Therapy.

Rarotonga became my home in 2012.’

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