Brent Holley – Tau’nga.


Brent Holley, Tau’nga. Rarotonga Basalt, 80cmw x 80cmd x 105cmh or 130cm high with base, 1300kg est.  Shipping Information: Shipping & crating charges additional. This item is shipped internationally via sea freight. Quote by arrangement

This work is a celebration of Cook Islands artists – Tau’nga.  It speaks to how people come together, supporting each other through learning, sharing and collaboration.  This is how skill and knowledge has traditionally survived in Polynesian society, and how it will survive in future as it is continually shared to the next generation.

Made from Rarotongan Basalt, the artist states, ‘Basalt holds the Mana of the Island, it’s what Rarotonga is made of.’

The marine motif on the spine of the stone, Manutai, represents seabirds. This motif is sometimes tattooed on the forearms of Tau’nga; it is symbolic of the sea, navigators, Vaka builders and fisherman.

The Turtle is the navigator and knowledge keeper; the Stingray is a guardian and protector. The traditional sailing Vaka represents the journey we are on individually and collectively as a community.  The water ripple represents the sharing of knowledge – passed on to and from our Tau’nga.

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