Mahiriki Tangaroa – Taking each day…as it comes.


Mahiriki Tangaroa, Taking each day…as it comes. Oil on canvas,1300x1600mm, 2019. Shipping by arrangement.

Painted over the course of 6 months in 2019, the eventual composition came together amongst frequent interruption to the artist’s immediate surround. The painting became a veritable portrait of a passage of time that shaped Tangaroa’s perception, lending a new sense of purpose and appreciation to her reality.

Mahiriki writes; “When the clouds of uncertainty prevail, it is only sensible to figure out a plan in which to resolve an issue or problem. Plan A must be devised, then B, and maybe C? These actions should ensure the best possible outcome. There are times however, when a series of unforeseen issues occur, that this theory does not necessarily apply. Taking Each Day…as it comes is an important piece, as it draws on a life changing experience where ‘plans’ became completely redundant, only to rely on prompt decision-making that would hopefully result in a peaceful outcome.

In it’s entirety, this work considers life’s pushes and pulls, stops and starts, knowing when to negotiate between when to plan, and trust in when not to…”

In a world where we see to be constantly chasing the next big thing, it seems a timely message; to recognize and enjoy the present moment and appreciate whom we have around us.